1. Aggressive outreach evangelism and inreach support to Christian ssa strugglers by:
  •  Maximizing online evangelistic opportunities

2. Providing fellowship, guidance and nurturing support for believers in all stages of overcoming by:
  •  Encouraging submission to Christ and His Word
  •  Encouraging accountability at a Bible-practicing church
  •  Personal  spiritual and practical discipline
  •  Encouraging spiritual activism/evangelism within the local church.

3. Heighten awareness in the Body of Christ as to the need for compassionate, holistic ministry to affected persons by:
  • Collecting and presenting the largest contingent of testimonies by former homosexuals of African descent anywhere on the world wide web as evidence of the power of the Lord Jesus.
  • Identifying covenant pastors and churches in the black community who understand and openly welcome ministry to the sexually broken.
  • Intercessory prayer and advocacy for family and friends of homosexuals.
  • Establishing a credible network African American led ministries  giving people of color the choice to change.

4. Secure consistent funding to operate programs, assist in outreach efforts both locally and nationally and purchase office space for the ministry. 

5. Consistently challenge and confront through public exposure any progression of openly unrepentant homosexuals and their allies within the black church structure by:
  • Oppose individuals and organizations who deny traditional Christian teaching on human sexuality and morality standards in favor of doctrines promoting sensuality and sexuality.

The vision and mission of Witness Ministries is to lead men and women out of homosexuality and into holiness as a worldwide witness of the radical, saving power of Jesus Christ.  WITNESS! unapolegetically seeks to evangelize, equip and educate, impact and influence. 

Ministry Mission and Objectives
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