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"I have read "Touching a Dead Man" too many times to count.  I believe its one of the most provocative books on homosexuality ever written.  Each time I read it, new emotions arise in me, causing me to be grateful to God, beyond words, for the miracle of new life that He gave to my husband when he freed him from the prison of homosexuality." ---Dee Foster
  • Are you living as a homosexual man or woman and want to be free from this life style?

  • Do you know someone that you believe will be blessed by this book?

  • Are you married and have a spouse that is struggling with same sex attraction?

  • Are you a parent with a child that has revealed to you that he or she is attracted to the same sex?

  • Are you in ministry and need the wisdom to more effectively minister to the homosexual community?

  • Are you a pastor and need insight into the internal struggles of men and women bound by homosexuality?
"I took a chance by writing this book.  I know that you have the power to reject me and what I say or you have the same power to embrace me and what I say.  I hope that you will choose to embrace, not out of sympathy, but because you believe what I am attempting to share is truth and freedom.
In this book are the window panes of my life.  I wrote it because I'm no longer ashamed or afraid of people knowing what God did for me.  These panes, cleaned thoroughly by the blood of Jesus, are an invitation to look in. As you do, feel free to laugh with me, to rejoice with me.
You can cry with me or be sad and disturbed at the things, which have befallen me and others mentioned in this story. Ultimately, when all of the looking is over andwhen you have finished the last word on the last page, when your emotions are spent and you belief system challenged, my deepest desire is for the Lord Jesus Christ to be glorified."