Contrary to the belief of a great majority of Christians, the Bible contains a wealth on knowledge on the spiritual and physical conditions of homosexuality.  As Christians, sometimes we tend to selectively study the Bible on passages which address conditions in our own sphere of circumstances, and then depend on others to “fill us in” on the issues and challenges which do not affect us. 
    Perhaps it is a human weakness, but it nonetheless ill prepares us for situations which are steadily marching onto the center stage of society. 
    The larger question one might ask is that, if the Bible truly does contain much more than we know about homosexuality, then what does one do with this knowledge? The scriptures teach that carnal knowledge produces a prideful spirit and urges Christians to avoid it at all costs. (1 Corinthians 8:1). 
    However, knowledge is not to be shelved as some out of date relic either. True knowledge empowers, lifts and enlightens and confirms. What must be understood is that the source of that true knowledge is Jesus. 

“Grow in grace and in the knowledge of our  Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” 2 Peter 3:18

   The purpose of gaining Biblical knowledge, and in this instance, about homosexuality should always be to aid in the redemption of individuals caught in it’s deceptive grasp. We are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation.
    When the Word of God is rightly divided and applied with love, it’s knowledge will produce salvation. Conversely,  when it is wielded as a weapon against people (Eph 6:12) it will ultimately destroy that which was meant to be restored.

Questioning Debates

     The intense debate about homosexuality simply refuses to die.  2003 saw the free election, ordination and consecration of an openly acknowledged (“out”) homosexual bishop in a major American Christian denomination. As apostate as it might be, it nonetheless reflects the tenacious efforts of homosexuals in religion who seek to raise the issue to the highest levels of attention. And like it or not, we must deal with it! 
     While the questions themselves mutate, so do the characters who force their discussion. Homosexuals of every stripe are rediscovering religion and learning that tearing down the walls of that last perceived bastion of exclusion will be quicker if done from the inside. 
     This ongoing theological debate can be summed up with two pivotal questions:
Does homosexuality equal sin? Are the Biblical passages addressing homosexuality valid and applicable in contemporary culture?
     For Christians, although we may be tempted to say that we are unilaterally opposed to homosexuality, the truth is we possess  pluralistic views. Those views extend to both extremes of belief, hence the merry-go-round cause and effect. 
    The answer to the above questions  would depend completely on how well we “rightly divide the word of truth.” And unless one is able to apply truth with love-based motivation and compassion, the lesson merely becomes an abstract; devoid of it’s redemptive healing power.
         For those who embrace a conservative view of sexuality, such arguments seem insane, yet many are convinced of their “truthfulness.”
      Religious gays have pulled out all the stops including using the academic, medical and psychological experts to bolster such erroneous statements. Exgay apologist Joe Dallas expands on  gay theology and more in his book “A Strong Delusion: Confronting the Gay Christian Movement.”
     Prominent self-identified homosexual Christians such as Troy Perry, Mel White, Carl Bean, Yvette Flunder and Rev. Peter Nomes state God accepts them as they are. Gay affirmative black religious figures such as Revs James Forbes, Kenneth Samuels and Jeremiah Wright offer the same reasoning based on a faulty premise.
          Such people can be compared to the wayward priests and prophets in Isaiah 28, who were “drunk with strong wine and therefore gave the people false vision and stammering judgments.”   

   Clearly we are at a major crossroad of choice for the church of the 21st century.

Understanding the scripture's voice against homosexuality
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