What about temptation? If I'm tempted, does that mean Im not delivered?

Temptation is a part of an authentic Christian journey to wholeness, maturity and holiness. Temptation is never a sin, nor is it indicative that one has sinned. Jesus, in his perfectly sinless state was tempted throughout the duration of his public ministry, from the wilderness (Luke 4:1-13) up to while he hung on the cross (Mark 15:29-32). Were temptation a sin, Jesus' very sacrifice would be null and void. It was precisely because he was tempted ---without sin--which qualified him to intimately indentify with us in our temptations Heb 4:15.

Satan, as the tempter, is almost programmed to tempt every Christian, not just once, but for as many times as the availability arises. He seeks time and opportunity to catch us weakened or in a state where the temptation will appeal to us. Temptation is common and we are not to fear it, because God has prepared a door of escape for every person (1 Cor 10:13).

Some individuals "testify" that they have never been tempted by homosexual attractions since they have been delivered. While this may be true, it is only temporary and is unwise to boast in such things, because satan simply waits for time and opportunity. Additionally, it is through temptation that we learn to build up our resistance to satan's tactics. We cannot expext to grow or mature  in our faith without the benefit of temptation. The bible actually says that we are "blessed" (James 1:13) when we endure (resist) temptation..
A person (former homosexual in this case) may go for a while without being tempted, but if the individual is not careful, through pride and presumptuousness (1 Cor 10:12), satan will lay a trap and capture such an individual in sin. Our victory over sin and temptation is not due to our shrewdness or human skill, but the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit working within us. One must be careful then to give God the credit for keeping us in the hour of temptation (Jude 24).
Thus, we can conclude that temptation (no matter what type it is) is not sin, but yeilding to it, is.

The other side of the temptation coin is one's personal responsibility in dealing  with it. James wrote that we are drawn away by our own lusts, therefore we should not charge that God has tempted us. This does not contradict with satan's attempts to cause us to sin, it simply expands the concept to include our own lusts which supply satan with a cause to tempt us. Satan cannot force us to sin, only influence us. We are to accept our role in the sin and repent. Blaming the devil, is not an acceptable excuse for our sin according to James.

Finally, we are to test all "testimony" or experiences against scripture. The above scriptures clearly indicate that temptation will come to all who follow Christ.

What is sexual orientation?

Sexual orientation is another loaded phrase grafted into societal lexicon after homosexuals and their supporters rejected the original reference "sexual preference". According to the Sexuality Information and Education Council (SIECUS), a prohomosexual sex organization, the rejection came because "sexual orientation is no longer commonly believed to be one's conscious individual preference or choice, but instead thought to be formed by a complicated network of sociological, biological,economic and political factors." Sexual orientation can be caused by "economics"? Politics? Literally, the gay movement woke up one morning and decided their feelings were part and parcel of some massive conspiracy beyond their control. Of course, this shift in thinking served the misguided, money hungry mental health professionals who knew a gay cash cow when they saw it.

There are glaring errors with this train of humanist thought. Social constructionists do not recognize homosexuality as sinful. This allows them then to attach a plethora of victimist causologies (the economy, religious tradition, etc) as the reason for their predicament. Choice, an operative word when speaking of sexual orientation, is a privelege all men have been given by God (Duet 30:15-19). Gay activists contend that homosexal orientation and homosexual behavior are two different things. And while it may well be, both are still connected to the fallen expression of sexuality rather God's intention.

The other reason why the definition of sexual orientation, like homophobia is an important plank in the gay movement is because of the immutability factor. In other words, if sexual orientation can be proven to be unchangeable, the effort to change gays will be effectively condemned. Is sexual orientation fixed at birth? 

What is extremely problematic with the alleged immutability of the sexual orientation argument is the gay support of "transgenders". Transgenders (transvestites, transsexuals) were at first grudginly relegated a place in gay rights table i.e "glbt". The "t" is for transgender. But an outcry from the confused men and women eventually brought them into the sexual confusion mosaic. Transgenders presented a problem for gay rights activists because their argument was exactly the opposite of gays. They claim they were not born in the right body/orientation, therefore it must be changed. Gays claim they were born gay and it cannot be changed. Nevertheless these strange bedfellows forged a shaky alliance of distinctly contradicting philosophies.