Since February 16, 1996, Witness Freedom Ministries has been at the forefront of public outreach to men and women of color who struggle against same sex attractions (ssa). Today, almost 21 years later, we're as committed as ever to leading men and women out of homosexuality and into holiness.

God anointed and equipped Witness with His powerful word and practical strategies in dealing with homosexual issues. The ministry is founded upon five principles, namely: faithmissionministrydiscipleship and freedom.

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Witness has pioneered and championed the discipleship ministry approach. Our outreach has expanded to meet growing needs and requests. Witness offers personal counseling and professional referrals, discipleship programs, men's retreats, prayer, consulting, media advocacy, church and pastoral training and small group fellowship

The Spirit of the Lord  gave the  name Witness Freedom because we were to be witnesses of his power to deliver from homosexuality.  Pastor Foster recalls "The Lord showed me a vision where I and many others were like witnesses in a courtroom trial who were expected to tell the whole truth!"

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