Touching A Dead Man: One Man's Explosive Story of Deliverance from Homosexuality, 
234 pages 
Pastor DL Foster

Eternal Victim/Eternal Victor
Donnie McClurkin ISBN 1-56229-162-9; 190 pages

Our Stories of Overcoming homosexual behavior
Dr. Levi Matthews

Naughty by Nature
Alison Moore

Exposing the Spirit of Homosexuality
ISBN 1-4184-7567-X;108 pages
Mark Farentino Williams

Rescuing Homosexuals
Linda Jernigan

Out of the Closet
Rev. Autumn Bailey

Exposing the Hidden Truth of Homosexuality
Monica Brown

The Woman in Me
Evangelist Miriam Passmore 67 pages

Lord take me and make something beautiful
Star Burch
Tears of Deliverance
Deon Sanders

Lost and Found: One man's journey from sinner to saint 
186 pages
Ken Jackson 

From Below to Above
Shanhan Smith

Transformation II
Brenda Burton

Her Life Behind Closed Doors
​Christian Foster Bates

A New Life: Delivered from lesbianism
Linda Carter

Pastor Roger Ford

Poised to Protect
Nakisha Thomas
My Soul Cries Out
Sherrie Lewis,  288 pages

The Truth About Homosexuality
Bruce Smith, Jr

Renovatum: The Poetic Testimony of an EXhomosexual
Dominique A. Evans 
​152 pages  ISBN 978-1483658551 

Transition: From homosexual to preacher 192 pages
Cornelious Williams
Available through Charisma House Publishers Jan 2009


Fiction and Nonfiction books by Overcoming authors: autobiographies, sexuality, identity, Christianity and transformation