Seven Truths You Should Never Compromise
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Spiritual recidivism (backsliding) is an ongoing open sore in the overcoming community.   How often                                             have we seen someone start out "on fire" only to fizzle and return to their past like a dog returning                                             to its vomit? Some end up in gay churches believing false teachings which say that neither God                                              nor the bible is concerned about their sexual life.

While passion and fire is laudable, you must understand it is not enough to keep you steady when the howling winds of your past begin to whip up around you. Doctrine is not a bad word. In fact the doctrines of Christ form a safe place for us to steady ourselves from satan's accusations, doubts, fears.

If you want to reduce the possibilities that you will turn back you MUST know truth and let it guide your life and decision making. I want to share with you seven central and fundamental truths that you should never compromise.

I. The inerrancy and authority of scripture (Rom 15:4; 2 Tim 3:16, 1 Pet 1:24,25; 2 Pet 1:20:21)

What it means: The authority of Scripture cannot be separated from the authority of God. Whatever the Bible affirms, God also affirms because God is his Word John 1:1. And what the Bible affirms (or denies), it affirms (or denies) with the very authority of God himself.

Why its important to you: The scriptures are your first consult and last check as to whether your actions, words, thoughts are in line with what God says pleases him.

What can happen if you compromise this truth Without the scriptures as your guide, you will be left to your own devices, logic,self righteousness and ultimately create your own god who will approve whatever actions, thoughts and words you tell him to. Rm 1: 21-22

II. The identity and divinity of Christ Jn 8:58;10:24-33

What it means Jesus Christ is God who came in the flesh. By his suffering and death, he completely paid for the sins of the world. Consequently those who believe in Him will have eternal life and escape the wrath of God to come.

Why its important to you The identity and divinity of Jesus Christ is important because his uniqueness distinguishes him from others who claim (or will claim) to be him

What can happen if you compromise this truth Failure to recognize Christ as God come in the flesh places you at risk for certain deception.

III. The definition of sin Gen 6:5; Ps 53:3

What it means Sin as defined in the orginal translations of the Bible means to “miss the mark”. The mark in this case is the high standard of perfections established by a holy, sinless and perfect God and evidenced by Jesus (Heb 4:15) Sin, then is a trangression of God's standards whether intentional, nonintentional, by commission or omission, whether in thought, word or deed.

Why its important to you If you view sin in its biblical context, you will never excuse or justify your actions, words or thoughts when they are in conflict with God's standards. Rm 3:23 The desired result is a repentant heart, thus maintaining a meaningful relationship with God.

What can happen if you compromise this truth If you change the biblical definition of sin, self righteousness is inevitable.

IV. The purpose of the Cross Phil 2:5-11

What it means The cross is a symbol of ultimate deliverance which comes from the ultimate sacrifice

Why its important to you You are expected to sacrifice as Christ did to help others find deliverance Luke 22:31, Rev 12:11, Luke 9:23

What can happen if you compromise its truth: You will live in fear never fulfilling the purpose of God for your life.

V. The resurrection of the dead Lu 24:45-47; Jn 21:26,27; Ac 2:23,24; Rom 10:9

What it means: The resurrection is the hope of every believer that death will not have victory over us.

Why it is important to you The resurrection is the cornerstone belief of our faith. If it is not true, everthing we believe is not true.

What can happen if you compromise this truth:  You will lose your unique identity as a disciple of Christ.

VI. The promise of Christ's coming Mt 26:64; Luke 21:27

What it means:  Christ promised that he would return and take away all those who believe in him to a place where he now resides. John 14:1,2 His return is imminent and will be without warning.

Why it is important to you:  It should cause you to live your life in a state of perpetual readiness

What can happen if you compromise its truth:  You can become cold and careless with your life and like the five foolish virgins, you will be rejected when he returns.

VII. The standard of holiness Hebrews 12:14

What it means:  Holiness is a standard of living made possible only through right relationship with God.

Why it is important to you:  Without holiness no man shall see the Lord. God commands that we live holy as a accurate spiritual reflection of himself. 1 Thess 4:7

What can happen if you compromise its truth:  You open yourself to believe and accept every wind and doctrine as valid and lose out on eternal life with Christ.