Developing Godly Character
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We should all know by now that we were born with defective characters.                                                                    Because of the sin of the first man and women (Gen 3:1-21) each of us                                                                           is by default "shaped in iniquity". That may be bad news but there is                                                                                 really good news. God, through the Holy Ghost, works to rearrange,                                                                                 strengthen and develop our characters so that it will come in line with                                                                          what he has prepared for us to do for him.

What is character?

Character is defined as the sum combination of your attributes, traits and abilities. Its the source of what truly defines you as the person you are. Some of this may run the spectrum from absolutely wonderful to absolutely terrible. For instance you may be a person who has the best listening skills and because of that, your friends love to talk to you about their issues. But if you lack self control you will take the information shared with you in confidence and spread it to others.

The job of the Holy Spiritis to use your trials,tribulations, temptations, circumstances, afflictions, struggles, mistakes and even sinful failures to shape and mold your character to where it reflects the holy character of God. God wants you to be balanced and whole in all areas, effectively able to carry out the work of God. A defective character is a major obstacle to that happening. The main reason we "go through" the things we do is so that we can train others in what we have been trained in (read 2 Cor 1:3,4). The process of learning and maturity that comes from the development of your character IN THE FIRE, is more precious than gold.

Before you can gain the depth of experience needed to train others and direct others, you have to have a personal and intimate knowledge of what it takes to make it.

A right character is one that produces good fruit, while consequently a defective character produces defective or inedible fruit. Outward expressions of religious piety may fool some people, but when you are pressed with the issues of life whats really in you is what will come out of you. Many times we fail to allow God to correct our flaws and deficiencies HIS WAY by rejecting the call to "suffer through it". We want an easy fix and an easy solution, but gold isnt refined to its full value unless it in the hottest fire. Then the bible says it comes out as "pure gold". Thats what you want your character to be is pure. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. And we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is. All who have this hope in him purify themselves, just as he is pure (1 John 3:2-3).

If you really want a right character that is pure, you will stop trying to control God's plan and let him lead you. Gal 5:16.

Taking inventory of both the good and the bad helps you to be more sensitive when the Holy Spirit needs to point out something to you. And let me say that he will use PEOPLE to do it. NEVER, ever reject someone's legitimate criticism of your character defects. Its the Holy Spirit speaking to you. It doesnt matter who it comes from, if it is true and you accept it to make changes, you are the one who will benefit the most. Dont be so quick to push the delete button. When we talk about GODLY character we are talking about character higher than good character. Holiness is a high standard that is supernatural in its scope. Being good is not the sum of being holy. Character is made up of traits. Those traits can pan in either direction depending on who or what is controlling you. You or the Holy Spirit. For example:

Good trait            Bad Trait
Alertness              quick criticism and presumptive judgment
Decisiveness         inflexibility
Sincerety              gullibility
Honesty                indiscretion and tactlessness
Creativity              deviousness and unfruitful daydreaming
Compassion         sentimentalism, easy offense
Analytical             pettiness, pickiness
Discretion             timidity, unhealthy secret-keeping

To really get a clear picture of how you, God and the Holy Spirit builds a Godly character read 2 Peter 1:3-10. Its an astonishing passage that has a incredible promise at the end of it. Read it, believe it and practice it just like it says. Notice I said that you, God and the Holy Spirit are the primary character builders. Its a partnership where you must understand and respond to your responsibilities.