Discipleship and Direction for Growth
Questions about The System

What's The System? 
The System (TSYS) is a intensive and interactive discipleship teaching program led by Pastor DL Foster.  TSYS is designed to impact, encourage and strengthen men and women who struggle with same sex attractions and homosexuality and those who desire to minister in this area of harvest.

How does The System work?
The System  utilizes a secure, confirmation only conference call format. Once you register with your information and pay your registration fee, you'll receive a confirmation number and and additional information.  The System consists of 3 tiers of discipleship strategy:

1st tier 2 months April-May  Rediscovering
2nd tier 2 months May-June  Reestablishing
3rd tier 2 months August-Sept  Recreating

Will this cost me anything?
There is a one time $70 registration fee. That goes towards assisting Witness Ministries in providing the best discipleship support services we possibly can.

What will I have to do once I get into The System?
You will need to be ready to have your mind stretched, your theology challenged and your life changed. If you are tired of being in the same place, TSYS promises to move you forward as long as you are ready to put new ideas and new strategies into faithful practice in your life.

Can I  refer someone to The System?
Yes, you can but they are required to be vetted through the registration portal.

What if I don't struggle personally with homosexuality, can I get into The System?
Good question and yes you can! We want those who are interested in learning real ministry to strugglers and emerging overcomers to get "field training".  We believe in intentional ministry and want people with intent and purpose to sign up.

Will I have to reveal my name?
Yes, anonymity hampers and hinders our abilities to develop authentic relationships so vital to effective discipleship.

Where can I get updates?
You'll receive announcements, updates through email.

What if I have questions not covered here?
You can ask any question prior to registration by emailing dlf4christ@yahoo.com with "System question" in the subject line.