What's a strategy and why do I need one?

A strategy is a long term plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal, most often "winning." 

Strategies are used to make the problem easier to understand and solve.  Strategies are different from tactics in that while tactics involve immediate actions with whatever resources you have in hand, strategies are extensively premeditated, and then practically rehearsed. 
The word comes from the Greek  stratēgos, which is derived from two words: stratos (army) and ago (ancient Greek for leading). Yes, strategy has militaristic overtones  which is in keeping with our charge to "fight the good fight of faith" because "the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds." Furthermore, we cannot be ignorant of satan's strategies against us, so we are to know the cohorts who are at his disposal. Finally, after all, we must "endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. 

Strategy is about choice which will inevitably affect the outcome of the situation. If you dont plan to succeed, you plan to fail. Life is filled with choices. If we make the right choices, we win, if we make the wrong choices, we lose.

Interestingly enough, chess is also about strategy, Take some time and study about the game and the brilliance of strategy.
The very first thing you should realize about the game of chess is that the goal, (i.e., getting set up to jump on the king with as much grouped force as possible), is really almost incidental to successfully emerging victorious. Since you cant achieve checkmate with your first move (like you can in checkers), it follows reasonably enough that, if you control useful areas of the board, victory will be assured. 

Dont be foolish!
Its foolish to think that just because you are saved, delivered and have the Holy Spirit, you will never be tempted by homosexuality again. That's an immature position which will  eventually cause you to have a devastating fall. Temptation comes to us all and its doesn't matter how saved you are, you will have to deal with your flesh's desire to rebel against God's will. Since we know these things will happen, we would be wise to prepare. The lesson of foolishness is best exemplified in the parable of the 10 virgins.  Of course you know there were five wise virgins (5WV) and the five foolish virgins (5FV).

 Two things are very important to understand about the parable. There was a known variable in the story: The bridegroom was coming.
There was an unknown variable in the story: They did not know when the bridegroom was coming

The 5WV had their lamps "trimmed and burning". That was their winning strategy. They preparation for the known 
variable enabled them to be ready when the unknown variable presented itself. It was just the opposite with the 5FV.
They were lazy and didnt prepare (no strategy). Consequently when the unknown variable presented itself, they reacted
in haste but it only yielded colossal failure.

God has a strategic plan Jeremiah 29:8-13, John 10:7-10, Romans 8:28
Satan plays strategy See John 10:10, Ephesian 6:11-12

Since God has a strategy and satan has a strategy, why shouldnt you have one too?

What are the elements of strategy?
 The elements which comprise a good solid winning strategy will almost always include the following:

(a) Research  (b) study, (c) planning, (d) rehearsal, (e) evaluation, (c) testing,

What are the tools of strategy?
You have many supernatural tools to help you effectively shape your strategies:

(a) Word of God,  (b) accountability partners, (c) prayer, (d) fasting

Eight Ways to Strategize Your Path to Victory!

01. Pray your way out.
Although its been said that "prayer changes things", that's not necessarily true. Prayer is biblical and prayer is necessary, but prayer is not a majic wand to get things to happen the way you want. Prayer is a means for God to change us (and our hearts) and consequently we become agents of change.

02. Get a plan and work it!
God has a plan and he's working it for our good. So why shouldnt you have a plan? If you want to stop of the cycle of up and down homosexual failure and sin, you need a plan and you need to be ready and committed to working it. 

03. Give it up, turn it loose and shake it off.
Okay, I've said it three different ways, but it has the same meaning. Discipline is required to get out of the downlow rat race. If you give it up, God will give you the grace to stay away from it. And if you can shake it off, God can fill you with spiritual wisdom to keep it off.

04. Raise your praise.
Who says praise won't get you the victory!? Praise benefits you because while it reduces the power of your enemy, it simultaneously magnifies the power of God. Praise directly affects the outcome of your battle based on who you are declaring is stronger. Remember praise is about telling the goodness of God.

05. Learn and understand.
No one has ever advanced in any career field without seeking to understand their role and responsibility in that field. Proverbs 4:7

06. Stop Living alone. 
Yes getting married (the right way and for the right reasons) is a strategy. In a more spiritual sense, stop living as if you are alone. The Holy Spirit is our life partner and too often we disinvite him into our decision making. If you let him, he will lead you into truth, peace and security in Christ.

07. Exercise your faith 
Do something that will enhance and strengthen your belief system. Faith without works is dead. There is no way to please God without the demonstration of your faith. You have got to look for ways to express what you believe about your victory! Rev 12:11

08. Put it all in perspective.
Keep things in their proper place by using the scripture as a guide to what is important and what place it should have in your life. Dont let your struggle with same sex attraction be a goliath in your life. You have the power to put it in its place. This in no way mean we pretend there are no issues nor minimize any sinful conduct, but your goal is to stop goliath from threatening your peace.

If you want me to help you develop a winning strategy for overcoming homosexuality, email me today and let's get to work winning! Now, thanks be unto God who always causes us to triumph in Christ.

As we grow and mature in the Lord, a need to be aware of the path we are traveling becomes even more urgent. Daily, as the enemy launches attack after attack, your struggle with homosexuality can become overwhelming thus causing you to lose your way. For some, they never find it again. But you can build in some assurances and confidence in your walk with Christ if you develop Godly strategies.
We know that certain situations which are intended to tempt us to sin will arise,  sometimes when we least expect it, but that is no excuse not to be prepared to deal with it. The more time and effort we put into preparing ourselves for victory, the more we are assured victory. No one plans to fail, and because of Christ (the greater One) on the inside of you, there is no problem or struggle that will be able to defeat you if you plan to succeed. That can only happen if you develop a strategy for winning.

Overcoming Homosexuality 101 by Pastor DL Foster

Pastor Darryl L. Foster, Founder-Director
Overcoming homosexuality 101