From: Witness Ministries Executive Director
March 11, 2004

Its no secret that religious homosexuals are on a relentless campaign to legitmize their lifestyles and churches thereby spreading further deceit and chaos in the body of Christ. Brokering high profile associations, homosexuals continue to weaken the spiritual integrity of the church. Last year, the Episcopal Church ordained an openly homosexual man Gene Robinson to the bishopric. During the same time, Bishop Charles Blake of Los Angeles invited the openly homosexual clergyman, Peter Gomes to "preach" at his West Angeles Church. Now, Gospel music star CeCe Winans www.cecewinans.com] is scheduled to perform at one of Atlanta's most nortoriously prohomosexual churches on March 26.
According to the website of Victory Church in Stone Mountain , GA, Winans is scheduled to perform along with a "special reception" for VIPS and sponsors following the concert. 
Witness! is launching a public information campaign called OPERATION TRUE VICTORY to alert pastors, leaders and concerned believers to contact CeCe Winans immediately and tell her to CANCEL this concert out of respect for the Word of God and to send a clear message that she does not agree with the pro homosexual policies of Victory Church.
Victory Church, pastored by Rev Kenneth Samuels has been driven down a path of near heresy after the pastor announced that he was willing and ready to marry homosexual couples at his church. Samuels later brought Victory Church under the control of the nation's most liberal denomination, the United Church of Christ which routinely ordains homosexuals into ministry. Even more, he united with Yvette Flunder's new black gay/gay affirming denomination Fellowship2000 which will be holding its summer conference in Atlanta. 
We have all enjoyed CeCe's outstanding music and ministry for some time. Members of her own family including brother Marvin and sisters Angie and Debbie have made bold public stands against homosexuality. CeCe Winans may not be aware of Samuel's heretical and rebellious policies which go against the Word of God and the moral teaching of the Lord Jesus. Please help Witness persaude CeCe this is not worth it!
The concert is scheduled for March 26 which give us only 15 days to contact CeCe and everyone you know and ask them to write, fax, send an email or call CeCe's office and ask her to please stop this concert at all costs. The season we are in calls for desparate measures. As the Apostle Jude wrote we ought to earnestly contend (fight) for the faith once delivered to the saints. IF we who can discern the times fall silent, satan will railroad the church into a dark season of rebellion against God. Please dont let the suffering of Jesus, which birthed this church, be in vain!
Please  let CeCe know that: 
1. Victory Church and its pastor are in rebellion against God by promoting and endorsing homosexual relationships. (use quotes from the articles)
2. Overwhelmingly, people who buy her music are opposed to promoting homosexuality.
3. Make this a committment to stand on her personal convictions and the Word of God and cancel this concert at Victory Church. If you are a Pastor and have a venue, please suggest an alternate venue.
4. True VICTORY only comes through obedience to God.
5. Ask for an immediate response!
Contact info for CeCe Winans:
CeCe Winans
P.O. Box 877
Brentwood, TN 37024

TBA Entertainment
300 10th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 345-4554
Fax: (615) 254-4267

Attn: Travis Sanford
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