Gay activist attempts expose' of Witness Ministries' film screening

Story here in Southern Voice

Pastor Foster responds to the Southern Voice:
I am completely surprised that you would print Gareth Fenley's shallow and personally demeaning attempt at an expose of our local ministry and the October 10th screening of the excellent film "I Do Exist". 
Fenley, and some at the Southern Voice it appears, have become victims of her/its own misguided passion to discredit the lives of former homosexuals.  The account of her experience with us on October 10th has several factual errors which I feel require a straightforward response.
Fenley also wrote under the assumption that she perhaps possessed some supernatural ability to sit among 15 Spirit-filled, African Americans and think that no one knew who she was. Since we are nonviolent, I'm not sure if she was more afraid of our blackness or of our spirituality.
Permit me to point out several things regarding that night.
First, I expected gay activists to show up incognito at our screening. I welcomed it because we are extremely proud of the work of Witness Ministries. Every one of the individuals who pre-registered for the event was known to me except one person: Gareth Fenley. A simple google of her name along with the word "gay" produced enough information to let me know her real intentions. That she would write she was "undercover" is the height of arrogance and self-induced deception.
Secondly, another ministry leader observed Fenley getting our of her beige Saturn with a rainbow flag on the front of it. She was also the only Caucasian in attendance. Again, there goes her "cover."
Third, Fenley falsely claimed there were "8 hopeful homosexuals" in attendance. I can only assume that she either fell asleep once she arrived and sat down or her math skills are completely obsolete. Most of the 15 men and women in attendance at the screening were graduates on my LifeLines Discipleship Program, a completely voluntary program. Had Ms Fenley taken the time to ask, any one of them would have gladly volunteered that information. Again, bias and the quest for espionage outweighs simple fairness.
Fourth, though we were aware of Fenley's identity, our Christian ethics prohibit us from treating her differently than anyone else. She conveniently failed to mention that I personally greeted her, seated her on the front row, offered her refreshments and any materials we had.
Fifth, Fenley again must have been so preoccupied with preserving her incognito-ness that she failed to see the film's realistic portrayal of  ex-lesbian Sarah Lipp who had fallen once in her change process and the acknowledgment that change is complex and different for everyone. 
Sixth, Fenley repeats the felonious claim that exgay leaders are somehow doomed to return to being gay. Save for a few individuals who have made errors in judgment, we are all alive, well, heterosexual and holy. 
Finally, it is a completely sad commentary that Fenley would profess Christianity while simultaneously congratulating herself on deception and lies concerning her identity. With such glaring deficiencies in Fenley's writing and character, I can only suggest that she reassess what it means to be a Christian, rather than wasting time and energy on an ill-conceived attempt to smear the lives and work of former homosexuals.

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