Do gay couples really love each other?
    Yes, homosexuals do love one another. The question is what form of love is it? Many gays when defending their lifestyle ask "whats wrong with loving someone of the same gender?" The answer is of course nothing, but love and sexual intimacy are two completely different things. While we as Christians should not berate or belittle homosexuals for their relationships we must be firm in our convictions that such relationships are sinful and violate God's orginal intent for human sexuality. Love can be blind to the truth, especially God's truth. Our goal should be to simply state and stand by the standards ready to forgive and accept those who chose to come to God.
    Christians tend to be overly hypocritcal when it comes to dealing with homosexal couples. We can have full knowledge of a couple committing heterosexual fornication but welcome them in the church, yet homosexual couples are not welcomed. If sin is sin, then why do we make differences on who we welcome? I believe that the Word of God, if it is preached with purity, it will accomplish that which God has purposed.

Is it possible for homosexual preachers and gospel singers to "flow" in the anointing?
    It is possible to be anointed and yet commit sinful acts. First, let us establish what the "anointing" is and its purpose The anointing is defined as the "special choosing and equipping of a person by God for a special purpose."
    If we accept that definition as scripturally valid, then we must also understand that such anointing will "work" regardless of the individual's spiritual health. This anointing never assures that the individual will have the qualative relationship with God that signals divine approval on their lives. In other words, gifts and callings come without repentance. It is possible that the recipient of the equipping will not use it for the glory of God. But because of the GIVER'S grace, the gift works out of honor to its master.  
    Let us take for example Samson. Though at birth Samson was specially chosen, gifted and equipped by God, he nevertheless used his anointing of strength foolishly and for his own carnal pleasures.  He was outside of the will of God. Even so God did not revoke his birthright gifts and the anointing of that gifting. Of Samson, it was said that the anointing was "upon" himbut not in him!  Musicians, singers and preachers (orators) who possess special callings and anointings from God may well be able to perform in that special calling (healing, singing, casting out devils, preaching, etc) yet live completely outside of God's will. Reference the fate of such people in Matthew 7:21-23:
                 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth
                 the will of my Father which is in heaven.  Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not 
                 prophesied in thy name?  and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful 
                 works?  And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you:    depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

     Another result of the anointing is its ability to "destroy" things which are not like God. Is 10:27. This is where the line of separation is drawn between those who are simulating an anointing or operating in inquity (hidden sins) from those who are submitted to God's will. Religious homosexuals love to cite the "moving of the Spirit" in their services as proof that God approves of their homosexuality. But they mistakenly assume that the presence of the Spirit of God automatically transfers divine sanction. It might well be that the Spirit has come to convict their hearts. But when one is living in deception, they reject and override the Spirit's conviction. 
     Others who do not declare (are openly gay) their homosexuality may travel about preaching and evangelizing with results, but sadly in the end they will meet an eternally tragic fate. They will be lost and their works destroyed. Those words' "I never knew you" is the antithesis of "Well done good and faithful servant." The ONLY thing bearing importance with God is RELATIONSHIP with Him. All those who practice sin are excluded from relationship until adn unless they repent and submit to the Lord Jesus Christ.

When God delivers you from homosexuality, is it always the case for you to share or is it sometimes not ok to share?

Many men and women in the church have been conditioned NOT to share their testimony because the church intently views homosexuality as a powerful demonic spirit. Therefore, they view with skepticism anyone who "testifies" to being delivered. This climate of unbelief has become an encircling trap which pushes the church further into unbelief and doubt and pushes the former homosexual into isolation concerning their deliverance . Deliverance from ANYTHING by God's power should be a cause to rejoice, but the refusal of the church to openly rejoice, embrace and proclaim the deliverance of it's formerly homosexual members point to signs of carnal discrimination, instead of any Spiritual leading. Given this environment, who would risk coming forth to proclaim their deliverance when they are convinced that the church will reject them or subject them to further ridicule? I believe this is why you ask this question. It is a base fear that has gripped far too many people and God is being DENIED his glory.

We can approach your question with two revealing scriptures that deal with fear, wisdom and the glory of God in relation to sharing our overcoming testimonies.  The first is found in Esther 4:13,14. Mordecai, Esther's uncle warns her that if she will not reveal WHO SHE IS (a Jew)  and make the King aware of the danger facing them, then God would cause "deliverance for the Jews" to arise "from another place". But, he cautioned to her that (because she kept silent in a CRITICAL time) God would not deal so well with her. Space will not permit me to explain it all , but these are CRITICAL times. (2Tim 3:1-7) Open homosexual acceptance, among other things, threaten the very existence of today's church, much like the situation with the Jews. The Holy Spirit then calls on those who know the truth to stand up and declare that truth. If we who are witnesses unto him (Acts 1:8) do not speak up, then  who will?

Secondly, this is an issue of the glory of God. What God does is explicitly for the purpose of bringing himself glory. When he has delivered us, then we are obligated to tell of his goodness. As a matter of fact it should be a passion (PS 111:1-4) Covering that glory is dangerous and it is sinful because the glory of God should never be hidden. This is why Jesus was made flesh and dwelt among us. Notice in the above Psalm where the testimony is supposed to be shared. No wonder satan throws up so many roadblocks! He hates it when God gets the glory! Rev 12:11 further points us to public sharing because it is our VICTORY over the enemy. Again, look how satan manipulates, threatens and confuses so as to prevent our overcoming testimonies  from being heard. 

Now, to the issue of wisdom and expediency. There is a time and a season for EVERYTHING. (Eccl 3:1). If you notice the strategy of Esther (once she decided that she would speak out) she did not run to the king and "spill her guts". She cleverly planned to share her testimony at the most opportune time. (Chapter 7) She accomplished a great feat by being wise and being obedient. We must remember that our testimony is a precious jewel, a trophy and we are not to cast our pearls before swine (people who could damage the value of the thing). I believe the Holy Spirit will give you the time, the place, the person, the way and the passion with which  to share your testimony. But you must be willing to open your mouth. Your words will help save a generation of sexually confused men and women who are being sold one of the greatest deceptions ever hatched by satan.