The Chapters

Growing up and out in the black church: the seeds of sickness
1/Roots, running deep
2/Sanctified Sanctimony
3/Deliverance: Swept,garnished and sealed
4/Wounds from a friend
5/A summer of 20 years

Life inside the tomb: making my bed with the wicked
6/A church boy in the gay life
7/Our brave new world
8/Closets and Clubs
9/Hustling on Empty
10/Homosexual? Not me!
11/Can I tell it? (Praise Break)
12/The game of love
13/Brother to brother
14/An indecent proposal

Coming out alive, shedding the past and healing for the future
15/A time to turn
16/Off to war!
17/Will you speak for me?
18/Real restoration takes time
19/Finding Ms Good Thing

People like you touching people like us: A message to the church
20/How unbelief, fear and    ignorance breed prejudice
21/Touching a Dead Man

Reality Kills: The Profiles
  • JD Husband
  • James Cleveland
  • Sylvester
  • Raymond Myles

Readers respond in their own words

"I laughed, I cried, I learned. Touching A Dead Man is a powerful and important resource for those struggling with homosexuality and their families....if you are seriously interested in gaining insight about this lifestyle and those ensnared in its web, this book is a must read!" --Pastor Charlotte Ann Moore,  Dallas

"I finished reading your book. I enjoyed it and found it quite comprehensive. I really liked how you shared your story, offering help to strugglers, parents and the church. I really like how you related the Jews' fear of touching Lazarus to how the church is afraid to touch those whom Jesus has called forth to life. I will definitely recommend the book to others."  --TW, Atlanta

"I am very pleased with the writing of Pastor Darryl Foster. Because I am not gay, I have always had a hard time understanding how one derives at that point. But through meeting and becoming friends with Darryl I have not only gained knowledge but compassion for those entangled in that lifestyle."--Elder Darryl Jones, Chicago

"Praise God for the book, Touching A Dead Man. My wife and I enjoyed reading the book and are committed to doing what we can to help homosexuals know they can change and be saved. We plan to mail copies to several persons who we know need to be delivered. ---Pastor Bobby Wright, Tucker, GA

"I have received you book and have been blessed, encouraged and stirred to move to a new level of personal freedom and ministry. I'll never quite read John 11 the same way again. The relation of that verse to the way Christ has moved in many of our lives blows me away!"  -Mignon Middleton, DC

"You really ministered to me, man! Your words rang out to me and I listened. Your book has been a God send in my life." --GIH, Philadelphia

"The message of Touching A Dead Man is absolutley awesome. TRUTH stands out from the beginning to the end. This is what people are in need of...TRUTH. Your book really blessed me. It was as if I was reading my life story through another's eyes."  --Elder Roger Ford, Chicago

"All I can say is that is this book is real...and deep!" --CA, Atlanta

"I read Touching A Dead Man cover to cover NON STOP! It was one of the most powerful testimonies/accounts/autobiographies that I have ever read. The power and anointing on those pages will "shatter hell's gates."  --SR, Poughkeepsie, NY

"Just wanted to tell you that my 80 year old aunt read your book and she is reading it again. She said it is very powerful. I pray that the Lord will  release your book throughout the world." -Evangelist Miriam Passmore, Out of the Fire Ministries, Miami

"I received your book and I can't put it down! As I read through the pages, tears began to flow down my many parts sounded like me back in the day. Thanks for this awesome testimony. This is not made up because onlty a person who walked through the gay lifestyle could tell it is such a detailed format. This is the first book I have read that tells it like it is. --PJ, Chicago

"Your book was excellent and very well written. I feel all who read it will be blessed."  --Dr. Gloria Rodgers, Columbus, GA

"I first want to thank God for you. I received the book and I sat up this morning and I read the book, the whole book. In reading that book I experienced something I had never before experienced. I experienced a oneness with someone who had the same struggle as I have. I had to put that book down, but just for a minute and pray and ask God to forgive me, heal me, clean me, break me, and make me over again.". --Lester Demings, Jr., Orlando, FL

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