​ 1. I am an Overcomer. Im committed to the call and dedicated to living out holiness in my everyday life. This is my purpose!

2. I am an Overcomer. I am reborn with a new orientation and a new expectation. This is my new life!

3. I am an Overcomer. Through every test and trial, God gives me power to resist and strength to endure. This is my resolve!

4. I am an Overcomer through the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of my testimony. This is my victory!

5. I am an Overcomer. Each day I rise: expecting the impossible, feeling the intangible, and seeing the invisible. This is my hope!

6. I am an Overcomer. Ive been saved by his grace, sanctified by his blood, and justified by faith in Christ Jesus. This is my deliverance!

7. I am an Overcomer. I forget what is behind me and I press forward into the prize of the high call. This is my vision!

8. I am an Overcomer. I know who I am, I believe in what I am becoming, and I rejoice in what I will be. This is my passion!
Daily Affirmations for the Overcomer
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